LTI Increases Driver Pay

Over the last few months, LTI has made several exciting changes that have greatly enhanced our drivers’ profitability. First, we adjusted our Per Diem structure, adding approximately $2,500 to drivers’ annual take home pay. Then, we created a new ValueLease Program, making it the best… Read More »LTI Increases Driver Pay

More Miles, Less Breakdowns

The Maintenance Department, the Operations Department, and LTI’s fleet of Truck Drivers all share the same objective – to maximize the amount of time on the road, moving loads; and to minimize the time and frequency of breakdowns. A great metric to track this is… Read More »More Miles, Less Breakdowns


LTI’s Actual Pay

We consider ourselves a bit modest when we talk about Driver Pay. We say you’ll make $0.46 – $.051 per mile driving for us, but really, your take home pay will be much more. Pay Per Mile LTI Drivers get paid $0.46 – $0.51 per… Read More »LTI’s Actual Pay

team truck driving

5 Tips on Team Driving

There are tons of benefits to driving as a team, such as running more miles and making more money. However, driving with a co-pilot requires extra precautions, and having a system in place is extremely important. Here are five tips to help ensure your driving… Read More »5 Tips on Team Driving