Justin Braneky: Success from the Start

"After just one year at LTI, Justin managed to save $40,000."

Justin Braneky began driving for LTI in April 2019. He reached out to LTI much earlier than that, to learn about our company and the industry. Justin spoke with his recruiter for almost a year before he got his license from school. At exactly one year of communication, he came through orientation at LTI and was hired on as a trainee.

Prior to trucking, Justin did pest control for years, but needed a change and was looking for a new road to go down. He wanted to travel and see America, while also saving money to buy a house, and he saw the trucking industry as the perfect career to reach these goals.

Justin was also attracted to the industry by the freedom of thought it offers as well as being an integral part of our country’s economy. “There is a sense of freedom as I’m traveling across this nation of ours and a sense of pride as I get to see how products are made from start to finish. A great example of this is the produce loads I pick up at T&A in Spreckels, CA and Yuma, AZ. The produce is picked fresh and within a couple of hours it’s transported to the facility, cleaned, pre-cooled, and put directly on my truck to head to the distribution center early in the morning. It’s then redistributed to local markets immediately thereafter. It’s a cool and prideful feeling to be a part of that process.”

“I feel pride in working for LTI and what they did for me.” After just one year at LTI, Justin managed to save over $40,000. He was able to do this by keeping is overhead expenses minimal and only taking 8 days of home time throughout the year.

Justin sees job security and opportunity as great benefits of this industry. “Safe drivers tend to make more money. So the opportunity for real financial success is afforded to those willing to work for it. This industry does not judge. It doesn’t care about your race, sex, sexual orientation, or beliefs. We’re all given the same opportunity to succeed. Again, it is up to us to work hard for that, which is what I appreciate about LTI.

“My recruiter was honest with me and everything was spot on with what she said, which as you know, is not always true with other companies,” Justin said. “My trainer did a great job with teaching me everything I know and showing respect to others.” In further discussing his experiences, he continues, “My dispatcher has done a great job and I couldn’t be happier with the decision I’ve made. Also, the family atmosphere at LTI is what has kept me here for over a year now.”

Justin says, “I just wanted to tell my story because sometimes we need someone or something to help us get though those days when you feel hopeless. I am thankful for my job and my accomplishments with LTI.”

Those who have worked with Justin know what a pleasure it is and how great his attitude is. He is always respectful to his coworkers and is a very driven individual with clear goals. We are proud of Justin for his accomplishments of being so successful in his first year in the industry, and we are proud to call him part of the LTI Family!

If you have a story you would like to tell, please reach out to us; we would love to hear it!