LTI Announces New ValueLease Program

LTI has announced a new ValueLease Program designed to ensure the success of motivated drivers who want to take their career to the next level by leasing a truck.

The new ValueLease Program offers the best lease terms in the industry by providing the most value at the lowest cost. We’re confident you won’t find better lease options anywhere else. Don’t believe us? See for yourself.

ValueLease Program

Value Beyond Compare

Typically, when a driver signs a short-term lease on a truck, they end up paying considerably large lease payments. But at LTI, ValueLease Drivers have the opportunity to own a truck in as little as two years, with low, affordable lease payments. Depending on the truck and length of lease, payments range from as low as $350 to $540 per week.

Companies that offer such low lease rates do so by requiring a large downpayment, by including hidden costs, or contingent on a credit check. But LTI does none of that: no downpayment, no hidden costs, and no credit check. Everything about our program is designed for the drivers to be successful!

Flexibility in Lease Payments

Lease Purchase Driver

LTI offers many different lease options, so you can choose the one the best fits your needs and preferences.

On your first week as a ValueLease Driver, you won’t have to pay a lease payment. This is to ensure profitability right out of the gate. 

We know that the unexpected will happen when you’re out on the road. That’s why we also give you the peace of mind to defer up to two lease payments a year, giving you the security you need to focus on the road and not on your weekly payment.


ValueLease Drivers now receive $1.05/mile on longer loads and $1.11/mile on shorter loads, plus $.03/mile Productivity Pay. You’ll also receive fuel surcharge on all miles! At this rate, your expenses will always be manageable.

Furthermore, ValueLease Drivers receive a substantial discount of $.40-$.50/gallon on all fuel purchases.

These discounts will save you over $7,000 each year!

Want to Take the Next Step?

If you want to lease a truck, we are confident that LTI is is the best place to do so.

Does our ValueLease Program sound right for you? If so, reach out to a Recruiter so they can walk you through all the details of leasing a truck. Call Today 888-897-2776 or Apply Now.