LTI’s Actual Pay

We consider ourselves a bit modest when we talk about Driver Pay. We say you’ll make $0.46 – $.051 per mile driving for us, but really, your take home pay will be much more.

Pay Per Mile

LTI Drivers get paid $0.46 – $0.51 per mile, depending on their level of experience. We’ll always work to get you plenty of mileage, however, if your load happens to be less than 300 miles, we will add $0.06 to each mile you drive! So for loads with lesser miles, your adjusted pay scale would become $0.51 – $0.57 per mile!

Productivity Pay

We believe that drivers who go above and beyond deserve extra compensation. That’s why LTI offers Productivity Pay to safe and productive drivers! Drive safely, and average 6 days of driving per week for the month, and you’ll earn an additional $0.03 per mile on every mile for the month!

So, as a quick recap… when we say our pay scale is $0.46 – $0.51, what we really mean, is $0.46 – $0.60.

Bonuses & Added Pay

Your pay per mile isn’t the only way you’ll earn an income. For starters, when you join LTI, you’ll receive Orientation Pay and compensation for meals.

You’ll also earn a $500 Bonus 6 months in. You’ll then earn $500 every quarter in your second year as a Retention Bonus. So, your second year Retention Bonus will equate to $2,000.

We also reward longevity and your commitment to LTI by offering a $1,000 Anniversary Bonus each year you drive for us as well as a penny per mile raise each year.

Finally, we offer Referral Bonuses. If you like driving for LTI and you want to tell your friends or family, we’ll reward you with $3,000 for each driver you refer that we hire! There is no limit to how much you can earn through Referral Bonuses! One of our drivers referred 6 drivers in one year, leading to $18,000 worth of bonuses! Referral Bonuses are a great way to substantially increase your annual pay.

Your Pay Is Up To You!

The Trucking Industry offers a unique career where one’s pay is almost directly related to their willingness to work! This offers a great opportunity for hard working individuals. Just recently, one of our drivers was able to save $40,000 in just their first year of trucking! Anyone can be successful in this industry, and at LTI, if they set their mind to it. We understand there will always be unexpected obstacles along the way, which is why we offer various bonuses and pay adjustments to keep you on track toward you goals!

Sound Good?

If our pay sounds good to you, and you’re looking for a change, we’d be thrilled to have you! You can reach out to a Recruiter by calling 888.897.2776 or you can go ahead any Apply Here!