Preventing Tire Breakdowns

The trucking industry is too lax when it comes to tires. Often times, you hear about tire blowouts as to-be-expected, the cost of doing business, or simply a part of the nature of trucking. This is false. We believe that 99% of tire replacements out… Read More »Preventing Tire Breakdowns

New Building Entrance

LTI Begins Construction on New HQ & Drivers Lounge

The new facility will occupy 8,400 square feet and include new workstations, offices, and conference & meeting rooms. Most importantly, it will include a new drivers lounge with all new amenities.

Tractor Trailer

How to Couple to a Trailer

One of the many responsibilities of a driver is coupling and uncoupling from a trailer. Many underestimate the difficulties and importance of trailer coupling. To master this skill is a necessary endeavor, and it shows the professionalism and pride a driver takes in his or… Read More »How to Couple to a Trailer

LTI Increases Driver Pay

Over the last few months, LTI has made several exciting changes that have greatly enhanced our drivers’ profitability. First, we adjusted our Per Diem structure, adding approximately $2,500 to drivers’ annual take home pay. Then, we created a new ValueLease Program, making it the best… Read More »LTI Increases Driver Pay