What Driver Appreciation Week Means to Me

A Message from the President of LTI

Driver Appreciation Week In 2005, Nicholas Civello purchased Lanter Transport Inc., transforming it into LTI Trucking Services, and taking over as the President & CEO. Before that, he was the VP of Sales & Marketing at Lanter Transport, and before that, he had various positions throughout the industry, even being a driver himself long ago. “I’ve been in the trucking industry for over 40 years,” says Nicholas, President & CEO, “and drivers are the most important part of the trucking industry.”

With a focus on both Drivers and Customers, LTI has experienced exceptional growth over the last decade and a half. Our company has significantly grown over the years, and that is a testament to our hardworking and dedicated employees, especially our drivers.

Nicholas explains, “I often tell drivers, ‘without you, we wouldn’t have a company.’ Everything we do, first and foremost, depends on the driver. They are the ones that make it happen, and we don’t take that lightly. Driving over-the-road is a tough job by any measure.”

What Driver Appreciation Week Means to Me

 “It goes without saying that we always value and appreciate our drivers. However, when everyone is focused on accomplishing their job duties, sometimes showing that appreciation can get lost in the busyness of day-to-day work. Driver Appreciation Week offers us a reminder. For me and our employees, it is an opportunity to take a step back and reflect on the importance of truck driving, and acknowledging the sacrifices that drivers make. Just imagine living life in the confines of a truck for weeks or months on end, away from any friends and family, always moving. It is a challenging career in ways that most other jobs don’t even compare. But truck drivers do it with great pride!

“Not only do drivers make plenty of sacrifices, but it’s also important to recognize how essential they are to the economy. Over 70% of freight moved in the U.S. is through trucks. Most grocery stores would run out of food in just 3 days if Long Haul Drivers stopped driving. Our economy processes innumerable transactions every hour of everyday, and drivers are the ones making it happen. They truly are the lifeblood of our economy & society.


“2020 specifically has been a challenging year for everyone, individuals and businesses alike. When grocery stores were faced with shortages, and citizens were asked to stay at home, truck drivers stepped up to keep the wheels rolling. While COVID-19 ran rampant, truck drivers continued, and still continue, to transport our country’s goods every day, everywhere. We always appreciate and value truck drivers, but this year more than ever we should all show our greatest appreciation for truck drivers and all that they do!