5 Tips on Team Driving

team truck drivingThere are tons of benefits to driving as a team, such as running more miles and making more money. However, driving with a co-pilot requires extra precautions, and having a system in place is extremely important. Here are five tips to help ensure your driving team successfully gets the job done.

Develop a System

Once you become a team driver, develop a system that works best for you and maximizes the potential of your team. There are a lot of options you can choose from, but be sure to keep in mind time management and each driver’s skill set and preferences.  Each driver can drive while the other is sleeping to make the most of their time, then switch when one of the driver’s is out of hours. You can also have one teammate handle all the communication with the dispatcher while the other is driving, so he or she can concentrate on the road.  Find out which system works best for the both of you and earns you the most!

Try Driving with Your Significant Other

One of the biggest struggles for drivers is often being away from family for prolonged periods of time. A great way to fix this is to become a team driver with your husband, wife, or significant other.  Team driving can be difficult at times, but proves to be very beneficial when you do it with someone you already know and are comfortable with.  You can earn far more money this way, and you will be with someone you know and love in the process. 

See the Local Sights

One of the best parts of truck driving is traveling through America’s best cities, each one with its own unique culture and attractions. As a driver, you get the opportunity to explore all of these special places. If you drive with your spouse or significant other, date nights can be easy to plan! Most movie theatres, restaurants, and large attractions have space for truck parking. Find unique parks and museums to take in the various cultures. Go out and walk around the larger cities that you make stops in. Take advantage of all of these places and your trucking journey will never fail to entertain you. The last thing you want is to get bored on the road, so use your free time to make the best of your trip!

Do Every Job Together

This tip is most important to drivers with little experience. Loading, unloading, and driving should all be part of the team responsibilities. Take turns practicing difficult scenarios while on the road like backing into docks, driving in dangerous weather, and navigating through traffic. The last thing you want is for something to happen to the “main driver” and the other driver does not know how to handle a specific situation. Practicing together and sharing ideas will speed up the learning process and make the entire trip more enjoyable. Once both drivers have a good handle on how to do different tasks, it is okay to split up responsibilities.

Focus On Communication

One of the most important aspect of the trucking industry is communication. Drivers need to communicate with their dispatchers, who communicate with load planners; and these workers stay in contact with their supervisors. On the road, especially for team drivers, it is incredibly important to maintain good communication. Building trust within the team takes time, but cannot be done without solid communication. Mastering this will make the experience much more enjoyable and could even help make both members of the team much more successful than if they were driving solo.  Communication can also be key in reducing tension and creating a solid relationship between you and your teammate.