LTI Begins Construction on New HQ & Drivers Lounge

New Building Entrance

The summer of 2022 will be the start of a new era for LTI Trucking Services, and bring with it a whole new look for our organization!

Currently, LTI operates from our corporate office in downtown St. Louis, Missouri, while equipment servicing and storage takes place in Madison, Illinois. We are now in the early stages of constructing a centralized corporate office at 1028 Eagle Park Road, Madison IL, with a completion date expected in early summer, 2022.  

The new facility will occupy 8,400 square feet and will include new workstations, offices, and conference & meeting rooms. And most importantly, it will include a new driver orientation room and a new drivers lounge with all new amenities.

New Building - Exterior

Drivers can expect to enjoy a new facility equipped with a kitchenette and eating area, laundry room, shower rooms, family room, and relaxation rest rooms that can be utilized while waiting on equipment repairs. 

The Drivers Lounge will be just down the hallway from your Fleet Manager and the various departments and individuals you work with on a daily basis. All the Departments you rely on to get the job done will all be under the same roof, allowing for clear and frequent communication.

A tremendous benefit of this new facility will be the proximity of all company and driver functions. Operations, Payroll, Safety, Recruiting, Sales, Maintenance, etc. will all be located at the same terminal site – a benefit we haven’t had in the last few years. A boost of efficiency is expected in the daily undertakings of cross-department work. Opportunities to collaborate and correspond across departments will become much more abundant. 

And most importantly, it gives LTI the opportunity to continue to live-out our message to you: “Be a Name, Not a Number”. A centralized office is progress in counteracting the limited opportunities for trucking companies to connect with their drivers by face and name. 

New Facility

Click on the images below for a closer look!

Please note that these images are sample renderings of the building. The details depicted are tentative and approximate, but still provide a good representation of what this facility will look like.  

We hope you’re as excited about these developments as we are. Bringing all of LTI’s divisions and departments under the same roof will help us in all areas of productivity and efficiency. And a brand new facility for our drivers is well-deserved. We’re excited for our drivers to have a new array of amenities and resources for their use.