LTI Offering the Highest Pay Yet

LTI has once again increased driver pay to industry-leading levels.

Over The Road Drivers earn $.70 per mile, and $.80 per mile on loads that are less than 300 miles long. That’s made up of a base pay, productivity pay, and safety pay. With such a high mileage pay and increased compensation on shorter loads, no matter the distance, you’ll take home a significant, healthy paycheck for the work you’ve put in. Dedicated drivers and team drivers make even more!

Productivity Pay & Safety Pay

LTI offers a substantial base pay of $.59 per mile, with an added $.10 per mile on shorter loads! Between Productivity Pay & Safety Pay, LTI pays out $.11 per mile worth of incentives. At LTI, we don’t set our incentives so high that you have overwork yourself just to contend for a small bonus. Instead, our incentives are achievable for any driver willing to do what they signed up for: driving efficiently and safely. As long as you average 2,000 miles a week, and do so safely, with no accidents, tickets, or violations, you’ll receive both Productivity Pay & Safety Pay!


Added Bonuses

Along with an increased mileage pay, LTI offers $.01 – $.04 cpm Loyalty Pay, which will grow with every year you stay at LTI! We also currently offer a $1,500 Sign On Bonus, paid orientation, and anniversary pay! Drivers also receive $5,000 referral bonuses for every driver they refer to LTI, with no limit!

Want to step up your career and earn higher pay? Or just learn more about what LTI has to offer? Give us a call at 888-897-2776 or apply here.