7 Best Truck Stops in America

iowa 80While on the road, it may seem difficult to find a quality truck stop filled with unique amenities, but they are out there. Exhibiting far more than the basics, some truck stops offer some impressive attractions. Movies theatres, athletic courts, and delicious foods are just some of the hidden gems found within some of the nation’s leading and iconic truck stops.

Below is a list (originally compiled by Jurica Magoci of Fueloyal) of the best truck stops along America’s great highways. If you’re in an area by one and have a chance, stop by one and check it out, we are sure you will not regret it!

7. HIghlands Petro (Racine, WI)

This full-service travel center in Wisconsin offers everything for drivers. You can reserve parking ahead of time, attend a ministry service, complete DOT physicals, and even buy a new phone from the Verizon retailer. This stop is owned and operated by Travel Centers of America, so you can expect quality service. Check it out next time you are in Wisconsin!

6. Sapp Bros (Various, I-80)

With 15 locations across the country, it is fairly easy to find a Sapp Bros location. The majority of their locations are built along I-80 in the Northern part of the country. Their travel centers offer everything from service shops to top-of-the-line bathrooms. The showers are advertised as “hotel quality” and it is easy to obtain free shower credits through purchases at the travel center. Most locations are filled with big name fast food chains, as well as some smaller restaurants. Drivers of all kinds will appreciate the cleanliness and crispness of Sapp Bros travel centers.

5. North Forty Truck Stop (Holladay, TN)

Advertised as “YOUR complete truck stop,” North Forty offers something for everyone. It is open 24/7 and serves a breakfast buffet every day starting at 5am. The deli is great for a mid-day meal and their convenience store is fully stocked with everyone’s favorite snacks. The truck stop accepts a wide variety of fuel cards, and even offers massages to drivers! You can’t go wrong stopping at North Forty!

4. R-Place Family Restaurant (Morris, IL)

This “chuck wagon” style restaurant opened in 1967 and has been serving delicious food and cheap coffee to truck drivers and travelers ever since. This inside has a unique design and is decorated with old toys and puppets. The restaurant even puts on a free puppet show every once in a while, if you’re into that… Be sure to check out R-Place!

Here’s a video of R-Place in Morris, IL, by Professional Driver & Vlogger Mr. Sinnizter DaTrucker. You can also see a video of Mr. Sinnizter DaTrucker speaking about LTI here!

3. Jubitz Truck Stop and Travel Center (Portland, OR)

Jubitz is an extremely popular travel center due to its commitment to meeting and exceeding the expectations of professional drivers. It offers places to eat, sleep, shower, and repair. All of this is complimented by free Wi-Fi and competitive fuel prices. You can relax in the Jacuzzi tubs, and give your dog a bath in their new dog wash. Make sure to check out Jubitz if you are ever in the Portland area!

2. South of the Border (Dillon, SC)

This travel center is designed for travelers of all kinds and has been open since 1949. It offers a motel for drivers, restaurants, filling stations, shops, and attractions like Reptile Lagoon. With a little something for everyone, South of the Border is an upgrade from the typical truck or rest stop.

1. The Iowa 80 Truck Stop (Walcott, IA)

Known as the World’s Largest Truck Stop, this massive travel center is a must-see for every driver. Some people have referred to the Iowa 80 Truck Stop as a small city, and even a trucker’s Disneyland! It is open 24/7 and has amenities such as a barbershop, chiropractor, dentist, movie theatre, pet wash, and even a trucking museum! This truck stop is unlike any other, so make sure to check it out if you are nearby!