The Advantage of a Family Owned Trucking Company

family companyWhen drivers come on board at LTI, we hear plenty of stories regarding drivers’ past experiences at the bigger companies.  Not receiving recognition and respect. Never even meeting the fleet manager face to face. Being treated as a tool rather than a professional driver.

It is unfair to say bigger companies aren’t as great.  Sometimes those bigger carriers can be the perfect fit, and offer exactly what you want.  

But with a smaller, family owned company, you can believe the people in the office are working their hardest to provide you with what you want and need.  And if you feel changes are needed, we listen.

There’s a reason LTI’s orientation takes place at the office: so every driver can meet and talk to everyone in the organization, explain their preferences and needs, and know who they’re dealing with.  We think it’s crazy when a driver is surprised to meet LTI’s CEO in person, because that’s the way it should be. Wouldn’t you want to know who you are working for?  Seeing the faces of everyone in our organization is simply a part of becoming a member of the LTI family.

We truly believe that when a driver comes on board at LTI, he is creating a bond to a second family.

Trucker Steve Irwin experienced overwhelming warm thoughts from our family at LTI when his daughter was born prematurely. He and his wife received the thoughts, prayers, and financial contributions from many of us during one of the most challenging experiences any parent can face.

“It was pretty touch and go for awhile, but the support we received from LTI was awesome. It really was,” said Irwin. “They checked in with me a lot to see how things were going and offered to work around my schedule so I could be home as much as possible during that time.”

We’re happy to report Steve’s daughter has made a full recovery and is a healthy, happy toddler.

When Ken Ferrara heard the tragic news regarding the death of his step son and father, we flew him out across the country to be with his family immediately, and paid for the funeral costs.

When our family needs our help, we come through, just as you would for your family.  That is simply part of our DNA as a company.  We care.


Family is Forever

It is this approach, of treating our employees like family that have caused us to be successful and grow over the years.  But it is our promise to all our drivers, that we will never grow to the point that we lose sight of our vision of treating each individual individually, and with recognition, and respect.  At LTI, you will always be a name, not a number.

“If we get too big, too fast, it’s not only bad from a business standpoint. We also risk losing touch with things that really matter, like personal relationships with all of our staff, here and those on the road,” said Executive Vice President, Camden Civello. “We never want our company to become impersonal.”

It’s foresight like this that’s often the difference between the family owned trucking companies that stay in business and those that don’t—and makes for a bright future here at LTI. Who would you choose?