5 Tips for Trucking with Pets

pet friendly companyBeing on the road for long periods can become verylonely for drivers. LTI understands this, which is why we allow our drivers to bring a companion pet along with them on the road. Traveling with a dog or cat comes with many rewards, such as opportunities for extra exercise and stress relief, but it is important to be aware of the extra responsibilities. Here are a few things to keep in mind:


1. Keep your pets comfortable and safe while on the road

Much like driving with a child, it is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to traveling with pets. Even if you never get into accidents, there are many ways to injure your dog or cat on the road. While the truck is moving, it is smart to keep your pet restrained in their seat. Research the available options to keep them secured to a seatbelt, like special kennels or harnesses.

When your truck is not moving, make sure your pet has comfortable amenities like a soft, warm place to sleep. Blankets, towels, or pet beds usually do the trick. You also want to remember to take your pets with you whenever you leave your truck for extended periods. Extreme cold and heat are incredibly dangerous to animals, especially when locked in a truck that is not running.

If you are a smoker, try your best to not smoke in the truck with your pet. Second-hand smoke can lead to health issues for your furry friend. 

2. Make sure you have plenty of food and water

It is extremely important to have enough food and water for your pet on the road. However, if you are driving for long periods of time, it may be difficult to find pet stores that carry quality food. Try stocking up before leaving to ensure you have plenty of food for your dog or cat. Bringing plenty of bottled water on the road with you can ensure that your pet stays hydrated when it needs it the most.

3. Let your pets out of the truck as much as possible

Exercise and play time are extremely important for animals, especially those who are cooped up in a truck for hours at a time.  Make sure to let your pet out of the truck whenever you stop or take breaks. Take dogs on walks and spend some time playing with cats. Bring toys on the road to keep your pet entertained while you are driving. Cat owners should have some sort of scratching post and a litter box in their truck. Remember to clean up after your pet whenever you stop to let them out of the truck!

4. Schedule regular visits to the veterinarian

Trucking with pets could put them at risk of illness or injury. Yearly examinations from the veterinarian are essential. Ask your vet about specific medications and vaccinations needed in the different climates you will be traveling. Make sure to keep all of your pet’s records with you in the truck for reference and invest in pet insurance if you are afraid an emergency could drain your bank account.

5. Keep track of your pet’s expenses

Budgeting while on the road is important. It is helpful to know every expense you will encounter by bringing your pet on the road. Did you know that depending on your situation, traveling with a pet could lead to tax deductions? You may qualify if your dog travels with you 100% of the time or if you use it for protective reasons. Keeping all pet-related receipts is a great way to keep track of these expenses.

Ensuring the safety of your pet while on the road can lead to many years of happy and healthy travels. LTI is proud to be one of the most pet-friendly trucking companies in the country and welcomes to opportunity for drivers to travel with their companions.  

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