The ordinary person doesn’t take the time to reflect how most of the everyday items they enjoy end up in the comfort of their home: semis, big rigs, and eighteen wheelers. The work of an OTR trucker often goes unnoticed by the masses - but not by LTI. We get a great amount of satisfaction in being one of a handful of pet friendly trucking companies in the nation, and the St. Louis metro area specifically.

We appreciate the sacrifices that our truckers make as part of their career: extended time away from home, loved ones, and friends (not to mention traffic jams, unpredictable weather and construction areas). Allowing pets is just one more thing we can do to show our gratitude—and also one of many reasons why LTI is quickly becoming the place to apply for trucking jobs in St. Louis. Nearly 40% of our driving force brings a pet along for each route.

Two Heartbeats to a Truck

Many trucking businesses have a very stringent, some would even say “anti”, pet policy. But those businesses fail to realize that by doing so, they are missing the well-qualified services of hardworking applicants. And even those that claim to be pet friendly trucking companies usually have unreasonably high pet deposits for what we consider to be a reasonable amenity.

We believe our employees deserve better. We live by the motto “Two heartbeats to a truck”. LTI has minimal pet deposits that are easily deducted from settlements and are completely refundable. Our 60 pound weight limit is also higher than the national average, which is an undeniable perk for those searching where to find truck driver employment. A driver’s pet can be their companion on the road, and when possible, we are glad to be in a position to accommodate our well-deserving truck drivers. After careful consideration to safety and policy, we actually gave one trucker permission to bring his talking parrot along; the bird sits attentively on his shoulder while he rolls down the road!

We Understand the Benefits

For LTI, we go out of our way to make sure all of our employees—especially our drivers—are completely content with their career. Happy workers are productive workers. That’s why we offer generous bonuses, steady routes and vehicles decked with amenities to make the drive as comfortable as possible. Our drivers lead healthier, happier lives because they can reach over and pet their dog or cat, play with them at a rest area, or get in some exercise and fresh air by taking them for a quick walk. Everybody wins.

There aren’t as many pet friendly trucking companies as there should be and LTI is proud to be one of them. If you’re looking for life on the road and want to bring a pet for the journey, fill out our truck driver employment application now!

Friday, August 29th, 2014