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LTI Trucking Services depends on two very important elements: customers and drivers.  With this in mind, we have built a culture that serves our customers’ needs while making LTI the best trucking company to work for.  Mutual trust, respect, and appreciation are what you as a truck driver deserve.  As an over the road truck driver, you have a difficult job – if you are going to put in the miles, you should work for a company that you trust, that respects you, and that appreciates your effort.


Looking out for you

LTI Trucking Services successfully communicates with our truck drivers because of mutual trust.  We trust you to operate our equipment, perform the job, and represent our company well.  You trust us to treat you fairly, be truthful, and look out for your best interest as a driver, employee, and individual.  When it comes to your profession, you don’t need to be misled, lied to, or treated unfairly.  LTI Trucking is the difference.  As the best company to work for, we’ve set up a system where communication is key and trust is evident.

Start your career with a trucking company that insists on working with people, not trucks.  You’ll have a good relationship with your dispatcher and they will know you specifically.  It’s in LTI’s best interest that we know you and help you succeed.  Whether it is operations, safety, payroll, or the shop, you will be working with people that know you and are looking out for your success.


What you deserve is at LTI.

OTR truck driving is a difficult job and there is no reason why you shouldn’t be respected and rewarded for it.  Not only are you an individual who deserves the respect of your co-workers, but you are the center of LTI’s operation.  At LTI, we strive to be courteous and professional in all of our interactions.  The reason LTI has been recognized as one of the best trucking companies to work for, is because of the importance we place on lending a listening ear and going above and beyond to make sure our truck drivers are treated well.

As a professional LTI truck driver, you will be given the respect you deserve in multiple ways.  You will take home a competitive paycheck, be given safe equipment to operate, and have numerous ways to voice your opinion.  LTI is proud to have an open door policy and a Driver Resources Department to ensure that you are being treated well and are given the respect that you are due.


Your hard work: recognized.

LTI Trucking Services has many different ways of showing our appreciation for the work you perform.  Our company culture exists to make sure that your contributions don’t go unnoticed.  Unfortunately, over-the-road drivers are seldom appreciated for the work they do.  There are far too many carriers out there that only call with bad news and never say “thank you.”

Unlike other trucking companies, LTI makes sure that our truck drivers feel the gratitude that we have for their service.  Every week the names of our top performing drivers are proudly posted in the driver’s lounge.  A company newsletter features numerous articles on drivers, showcasing the impact they make on the company and on society.  Our competitive Driver of the Month program celebrates those drivers who excel. 

More than anything, we value the very fact that you’re a driver - thank you.  Continue your professional driving career with a carrier that appreciates your commitment and service.

It's been a pleasure working with LTI for the past 3 years. They always keep our trucks moving all year long. They always pay timely and have quick pay options. I will always be working with LTI as long as I'm in the trucking business.
Dedicated Logistics Carrier