We each came into the trucking profession with different intentions, expectations, and reasons. I’m hoping this article will prompt each person to look inside and figure out your “why”.


How many brokerage companies have a fleet of 300 trucks?  Not many, but LTI Logistics does!


The trucking industry has been good to me. I started driving with my husband in 1980 and enjoyed 20 years of teaming with him before his health drove him from the truck.

LTI Trucking Services is excited to announce that we will soon have a Driver Advisory Board.  This group of approximately 5 LTI Drivers will be made up of different driver positions to represent the views of the fleet population as a whole.  This program was presented to me by an existing driver

LTI is excited to announce that we are expanding our weekend freight coverage and are accepting more loads on Saturdays and Sundays.  While we will continue to improve efficiencies during the regular week, the weekend is proving to be a tremendous area of opportunity to further satisfy the needs

We understand that change is a difficult thing to handle at first.  However, we want to re-touch base on some Operations Changes that are great news for our drivers.


In an effort to create a safer work environment for drivers, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Agency (FMCSA) is requiring all truck drivers and carriers to install and use electronic logging devices (ELDs) on-board.

Some truck drivers still work without smartphones, but why wouldn’t you want to? Using these devices gives you access to numerous apps that make driving across the country safer, smarter, and healthier.

Being on the road for long periods can become very lonely for drivers. LTI understands this, which is why we allow our drivers to bring a companion pet along with them on the road.

Summer is nearly here, and that means it's that time of the year for summer vacations, whether it be travelling to see family, a trip to the beach, or travel abroad.  Either way, driving will be involved.

I have been working with LTI since 2011 - very professional and easy to work with. They offer quality freight for a fair price.
Dedicated Logistics Carrier