Fuel Incentives

Beginning on July 1st, LTI launched a newly enhanced fuel incentive program for LTI’s company over-the-road drivers.  We are excited to announce that in a typical year this incentive will pay out $100,000 among hundreds of drivers each quarter.


We are excited to inform you of LTI’s new and improved Referral & Mentor Program! As a part of the LTI team, you have the opportunity to attract the best drivers in the industry.  At LTI, it is everyone’s responsibility to keep the quality of our workforce high – and who else to better identify drivers that can be a great addition than our very own drivers?

“Be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to get angry”. Those were the words my mother would often say whenever my brothers and I would argue. I would never understand the power of those words until I entered the workforce.

Here at LTI, we bring new drivers into our orientation class each week.  These drivers are a very important part of our family. To help with assimilating these new LTI team members into the fold, we have created a special fleet for these drivers.

LTI’s Productivity Pay Program is proving to be greatly impactful to drivers and their take home pay.  Since the creation of this incentive program, LTI’s fleet has taken home an additional $15,000 of income each month.  This means that LTI drivers earning the Productivity Pay are takin

On the week of 3/19, LTI made a charitable delivery to Destiny Church, providing food for various nonprofits to distribute to those in need!


The Key to Earning More Miles

I'll start out by saying I have been with LTI since February of 2016. Our focus has always been getting drivers as many miles as possible, and we have developed many ways to optimize driver miles.

E-Log & On Time Delivery

After years off talks, delays, and negotiations, the FMCSA and DOT have officially put the ELD Mandate into law.

Driver Relations Manager

Hello team! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of something exciting. There are many places that we can be but like you, I love trucks and everything about them! That is why I’m excited to be a part of LTI.

The Driver Born in a Truck

The trucker that was born in a truck, huh?  Give me the details.

Well, my parents pulled up in front of the diesel pumps at the Shenandoah, Ohio truck stop in a 1973 Freightliner.

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Competition for freight is fierce. Safe and on-time delivery is critical to any company’s success and being an LTI driver means I bring my A-Game. LTI gives you tools you need, because in the end of the day a successful career for you starts at LTI.
Dedicated Driver Mary Dye