LTI Leasing Options

Lease Purchase Opportunities

Leasing a Truck | Made Easy

At LTI you can lease a truck for as little as $350 a week. Choose from different trucks and different lease terms. Don’t worry, we make it easy. Leasing from LTI means that there is no credit check needed, nor is there any down payment. It is as simple as talking with our Lease Purchase Specialist to find the right deal for you. When you lease a truck from LTI, you have made a big step forward in your career. We will take care of you to make sure you succeed. Call Today 888-897-2776 or Apply Now.
ValueLease Program

Huge Benefits of Lease Purchase

When you lease at LTI, you will have low lease payments and low maintenance expenses. You will have access to big fuel discounts ranging from $0.25 to $0.45 a gallon. And there will never be a trailer rental fee or Qualcomm fee. Lease Operators stay busy hauling as many loads as they can handle. Many of these are drop and hook loads and it’s all no-touch freight. Lease a truck and drive in any of our fleets. Call Today 888-897-2776 or Apply Now.

Quick & Easy

A Leasing Specialist will walk you through everything. We'll get you setup with everything from maintenance to insurance.

Low Maintenance Costs

Trucks available for lease are well-maintained and pre-screened. You will also get the existing 5 yr. warranty on the truck.

Huge Fuel Discounts

Get fuel discounts from major vendors like Loves and Pilot & Flying ranging from $0.25-$0.45 per gallon.

No Trailer Rental Fee

Unlike other trucking companies, using our trailers are free. Haul freight with our trailer with no fees.

$1.02 On All Miles

You will be paid $1.02 per mile on all miles, plus a fuel surcharge on all miles.

Health Insurance

Want to lease but don't want to lose employee health benefits? We have a plan to direct you to so you are covered.