LTI is a family company, with multiple families choosing to spend their working lives here on the road and in the office.  One of the biggest challenges to keeping our working family strong is driver retention. 


Over the next month LTI will implement new operational tools to improve the monitoring of some of the challenges drivers face to make a good living.  These new tools will be used by operations and the executive management team to reduce driver wait time at loading and unloading, reduce layover, increase driver miles and pay, and review incidences of drivers receiving low paychecks. 


A new operational report detailing location-specific wait time will be reviewed by sales and operations weekly.  This will provide data to facilitate conversations with our shippers and customer contacts, and allow us to proactively work with “problem facilities” to keep our drivers moving.  LTI will also implement weekly reviews of high rates of driver detention/layover pay in order to address this issue at the driver level and improve overall miles and pay.  Most importantly, a low pay alert will give fleet managers greater visibility over low driver pay incidences, allowing them to tackle the cause of the low pay with each and every driver who is not making what they could be.


LTI intends to use these new tools to improve the pay and working conditions of our drivers, and continue to show them that LTI is the place to stay. 


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Monday, August 13th, 2018