How many brokerage companies have a fleet of 300 trucks?  Not many, but LTI Logistics does!


This provides our customers with added value that is rarely seen in the 3PL marketplace. Supplementing our network of carriers with our own assets and yard directly reduces risk/uncertainty within a customer’s supply chain.


In return, LTI’s fleet has access to our logistics network of freight on a daily basis.  They are able to fill backhaul needs as well as capacity surges in LTI fleet market areas.  Our Logistics department also supports our fleet when they are short on capacity and overbooked.  In these instances, LTI’s fleet is able to leverage LTI Logistics’ network of carriers.  These carriers are carefully procured and vetted to ensure quality utilization for our customers.


Communication between logistics and fleet is the key to making both parties successful. We have streamlined communication amongst both teams with shared files that reduce email clutter. This form of communication ensures that both fleet and logistics are only providing pertinent order detail in one centralized location. What this means for both logistics and fleet is that we are able to make rapid decisions about freight acceptance, monitor orders we’re declining, and navigate how LTI (as a whole) can capture more opportunity from the freight that passes through our collective network each day. This level of harmony makes for a tremendous partnership between LTI Logistics and LTI Trucking.


By: Lesa Bault, Director of Logistics


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Monday, August 7th, 2017