Team Owner Operator Drivers Taylor Aho & Aldred Schofield have gone above and beyond to turn their everyday tasks into an opportunity to give back.


All drivers are familiar with the CAT scale weigh tickets received after scaling, and the collectible Super Truck cards that come with each one. Some drivers collect these cards, some disregard them, but Taylor & Aldred use them to better the lives of others.


After accumulating over 700 cards, they began donating collections of them to the Penn State Children’s Hospital and the Ronald McDonald House in Hershey, PA for children to enjoy. Spreading the word of their project, it wasn’t long before other drivers, including Owner Operator Chris James (right), began assisting in the collection of Super Truck cards to help Taylor & Aldred in their charitable project. They have seen a great response as children are excited to see the unique collections of trucks. This also assists in cultivating an interest in truck driving among our youth.


Not only does this team give back through donations to organizations, they act as civic leaders in any situation that arises. Just a few weeks ago, driving in Utah, Taylor & Aldred were witnesses to a dangerous and unfortunate car accident directly in front of them, where a vehicle had flipped. By leaving adequate space between them and the leading vehicle, they were able to brake their truck in time to leave room and not worsen an already bad situation. Putting on their safety vests, they got out to help in any way they could.


Aldred laid out safety cones and helped direct traffic. Taylor approached the crashed vehicle to find it contained a mother, father, two year old boy, and baby girl. Taylor did what she could to assist in getting the children safely out of the vehicle. Once everyone was safely to the side of the road, Taylor grabbed a blanket and a stack of Super Truck cards for the child. The two year old was instantly engrossed in the truck cards, distracted from what was a traumatic experience. When the first responders arrived on scene they thanked Taylor and Aldred for their assistance in managing the situation. When the first responders offered a teddy bear to the two year old for comfort, he said no thanks, preoccupied by his new Super Truck cards.


Taylor and Aldred are truly caring people who help better the world in any way they can and we are proud to say that they are part of the LTI Family. To assist in their charitable efforts, LTI has placed a box in the Driver’s Lounge to collect more Super Truck cards for charitable distribution. If you would like to assist in this effort, hold on to your truck cards and drop them off whenever you visit the Driver’s Lounge. If you have any suggestions on who to distribute cards to, or want to assist in anyway, you can reach out to Taylor by leaving a note in her mailbox, #317 at the Driver’s Lounge.


Tuesday, September 4th, 2018