LTI strives to offer the most rewarding and competitive pay programs for our drivers.  As a company, we are very appreciative of the productive and safe individuals who make up our driving team.  We therefore have created a new Productivity Pay Program.


All over-the-road Regional Company drivers will be enrolled in a new high-paying $0.03 per mile productivity incentive program to reward drivers who hold up their obligation of working 6 or more days a week on average each month.  Here’s how it works:



Throughout LTI, we require a standard driver to average a 6-day work week—this is most commonly seen as home time every other weekend.  Going forward, if you work 6 days or more a week on average for a month you will earn a $0.03 per mile bonus for all of the miles you drove that month.  Under this program, a day of work is defined as 6 hours of on-duty drive time plus layover.  While we expect 6+ day drivers to get at least 2,500+ miles per week, there is a 2,200 mile minimum to qualify for the $0.03 bonus.


Be Safe:

We want to not only reward those who spend the time out on the road, but those who are doing the job right; this means having no safety violations.  A safety violation will disqualify you from receiving a productivity bonus for that month.  Here is what we consider safe:

  • No preventable accidents, injuries, cargo claims, or damages to equipment.
  • No speeding tickets or FMCSA violations or warnings.
  • No internal HOS violations greater than 2 hours.


Get Paid:

Incentives will be earned and paid out monthly.  Your fleet manager will have your earned productivity totals in real time if you would like to know your status along the way.  Productivity bonuses will be paid out to each driver in the 2nd week after the month.  Naturally, in order to receive a bonus a driver must be employed and actively working for LTI at the time of payout.


Check out LTI's video explaining how Productivity Pay will work for you:


We are very excited to offer this program to our drivers.  We want to ensure that LTI continues to recognize you for your efforts with competitive pay programs.  If you have any questions regarding Productivity Pay, please contact your fleet manager. If you are interested in driving for LTI, you can contact Recruiting at 888-897-2776 or


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Monday, October 16th, 2017