Leaders Eat Last: Although it’s not a written rule, there is a well known leadership secret in the United States Marine Corps. This saying is one of the fundamental leadership tools of the Marine Corps: Leaders Eat Last! You see, in order to be a world military leader, Marines understand that they must instill the same culture and values in each recruit in order to accomplish any mission at hand.  Whenever a meal is served, you will notice that the most junior are served first while the seniors eat last. The spirit of selflessness starts at the meal table and is transferred into everything they do. Putting their teammates ahead of themselves demonstrates leadership and character. There is no doubt that this spirit of leadership is a testimony of why the Marines are a worldwide respected and unique brand.


Introducing LTI’s Driver Advisory Board

LTI has its own set of leaders who “eat last”. This group of drivers are a diverse group of professionals with decades of experience. LTI believes that no driver should ever have to work alone. In other words, we want to ensure that drivers are successful each and every day. The Driver Advisory Board (DAB) was designed with you, the driver, in mind. 


LTI’s Driver Advisory Board consists of members who meet each quarter at our St. Louis Corporate Office. Drivers from each fleet are represented as they meet with the Executive Management Team and other department leaders. Through this collaborative process, we are able to gain insightful knowledge as it relates to pain points that need attention. In addition, we are able to get great thoughts, ideas, and suggestions as it relates to strengthening LTI’s commitment to you! They are here to help answer any questions that you may have. Not only are they great at answering questions, they are also great teachers and want to help you win at trucking!


First Meeting

LTI was excited to host our first DAB meeting in May! We were able to meet with some of our team members in person while others joined on a call. We took lots of notes and have already begun implementing some of the ideas and programs. Our goal is to use your ideas and suggestions to help make LTI a company that remains driver focused.


Driving Forward

As we look ahead to our next Advisory Meeting in August, I am grateful for the time and effort that these drivers put in to see that no driver gets left behind. They are true leaders and they understand that in the end our mission is for all to win! 


Please reach out to any of our members should you have questions about the Driver Advisory Board. Send your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions to me at bdotson@ltitrucking.com. Remember, there are plenty of ways to get involved at LTI. From mentoring to recruiting, you too can become a part of the LTI movement!


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Monday, July 30th, 2018