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5 Tips on Team Driving

There are tons of benefits to driving as a team, such as running more miles and making more money. However, driving with a co-pilot requires extra precautions, and having a system in place is extremely important. Here are five tips to help ensure your driving… Read More »5 Tips on Team Driving

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7 Best Truck Stops in America

While on the road, it may seem difficult to find a quality truck stop filled with unique amenities, but they are out there. Exhibiting far more than the basics, some truck stops offer some impressive attractions. Movies theatres, athletic courts, and delicious foods are just… Read More »7 Best Truck Stops in America

Safe Truck Backing

Tips on Safe Backing

So far in 2017, LTI has spent more than $150,000 repairing tractor-trailer preventable damages to trucks and trailers. One of the leading causes of tractor-trailer damages is backing accidents. Backing up a tractor trailer can be one of the most difficult maneuvers for a truck driver.… Read More »Tips on Safe Backing